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Teyanna G 

Founder & CEO & Lead Artist

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Senior Makeup Artist 

With over 5 years of professional makeup artistry experience, Tiana boasts a proven track record of collaboration with photographers, models, bridal parties, special events, and the film industry. Her portfolio exudes dedication to the craft, showcasing her ability to create personalized and stunning looks for each individual client. Driven by a passion for harnessing the transformative power of makeup, Tiana takes pride in enhancing natural beauty and instilling confidence in every person she works with

senior makeup artist
hair and makeup artist Toronto_edited.jpg


Senior Makeup & Hair Artist 

With an unwavering passion for beauty and a keen eye for detail, Kinza is a highly skilled makeup and hair stylist renowned for their ability to create stunning transformations. Their 9 year expertise in cosmetic artistry and hairstyling, combined with their personalized approach and commitment to enhancing features

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Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist 

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