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Celebrating Diversity in Beauty: Life as a Black Makeup Artist Toronto


In the world of makeup artistry, beauty knows no bounds. As a black makeup artist, my journey has been a colorful blend of passion, dedication, and the unrelenting pursuit of perfection. I've had the privilege of training as a product specialist at MAC Cosmetics, managing renowned brands like Tom Ford, Bobbi Brown, and, of course, MAC, and working as a part of the management teams at Nordstrom Beauty and Sephora. Today, I want to share my experiences and thoughts on the importance of offering a diverse range of shades to cater to the beauty of every skin tone.

The Power of Inclusivity:

Makeup is a transformative art, and every canvas is unique. It's our responsibility as makeup artists to ensure that everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, can feel confident and beautiful. The importance of inclusivity in the beauty industry cannot be overstated. When clients walk through my studio doors, I want them to find a palette that speaks to their individuality.

My Training Journey:

My career began with rigorous training at MAC Cosmetics, where I learned the intricate art of color matching and the significance of using the right products for various skin tones. It was a remarkable foundation, and it set the tone for the rest of my career. The knowledge I gained as a product specialist allowed me to provide personalized recommendations for clients, ensuring they left with makeup that suited their unique beauty.

Managing Iconic Brands:

black makeup artist toronto showing photos with other makeup artists
My Journey at MAC PRO location

After my time at MAC, I had the incredible opportunity to manage renowned brands like Tom Ford, Bobbi Brown, and MAC Cosmetics. This experience deepened my understanding of the nuances of makeup products. It also reinforced the idea that makeup transcends race, and every brand should strive to offer a diverse array of shades.

Leadership Roles at Nordstrom Beauty and Sephora:

My journey also led me to work as a part of the management teams at Nordstrom Beauty and Sephora. In these roles, I not only continued to champion inclusivity but also learned the intricacies of product selection and customer service. These experiences allowed me to advocate for a broader range of shades and products, ensuring that clients of all backgrounds found the right makeup solutions.

Diverse Shades and Beauty:

As a makeup artist, I've witnessed the transformational power of makeup on countless faces. It's not just about enhancing one's features; it's about embracing the beauty that lies within. I've had the pleasure of working with clients from all walks of life, each with their unique skin tones, and I've seen the radiant smiles that come from finally discovering the perfect shade.


Being a black makeup artist has taught me that beauty is an art form with no limitations. It has inspired me to make sure that my clients find the right shades that celebrate their natural beauty. My training and experience with esteemed brands, coupled with my roles at Nordstrom Beauty and Sephora, have deepened my commitment to inclusivity in the world of makeup.

Diversity is not just a buzzword; it's the essence of beauty. Every shade in the spectrum deserves to shine, and as a makeup artist, I am proud to be part of this transformative journey. So, to all makeup enthusiasts, irrespective of your skin tone, let's celebrate the beauty in diversity and ensure that every shade finds its place in the spotlight.

Black Makeup Artist Toronto Teyanna G
Black Makeup Artist Toronto


Teyanna G

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